FREE SHIPPING on order above ₹ 99

Shipping & Returns

We provide item delivery all over India. It does not matter where you are ordering from, you will always get the best, smooth and hassle-free delivery experience with us. We have partnered with India No.1 courier service - BlueDart to make sure all the items are delivered on time and with proper care.

Shipping Rates are based on your final order value.

  • Orders above Rs. 99 - Free Shipping. 
  • Orders below Rs. 99 - Flat Shipping ₹35.

Estimated Delivery Time - Depends on your pin code location from our Warehouse (Kanpur). The package is delivered using Express Service which uses Airlines giving a surety of timely delivery each time customer places the order. Orders within the State / Metro Cities gets delivered within 2 working days. Orders from outside the sate takes time of 3 to 4 working days.


Write a mail to us on our email with your order id explaining the cause of the return. We will arrange for a reverse pickup from your location. Refunds will be processed only after accessing the product condition on item return. In-case of wrong return item delivery or breakage of the item - no refunds will be processed. It is recommended you take proper photographs of the item just before the Courier Pickup Person packs the item to make sure product condition and quality was intact before handing over the product to the courier person.

Note - Inner wear and Lingerie are non-returnable.


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